Step By Step

Web Development

In the discovery phase, we ask you questions and build a relationship so we know exactly what your company wants to accomplish, and then workshop the project, design, and development around those questions. In the end, we have a shared vision, presented to you by way of solution designs and prototypes.

We take everything from the discovery phase and create a transparent plan of action, presenting the client with the full scope of the project. We lay out our objectives, estimate a budget, and give a suggested timeline, resulting in a Statement of Work (SOW) doc that breaks down how we plan to implement each development phase.

We take the prototypes from the discovery phase and continue to build from there, crafting information architecture, UX design, and visual design. By building these from scratch, we are able to present our progress as your digital identity takes shape, and work closely with you until we get it right.

We break down the full scope of the project into two-week sprints. At the end of the two-week period, we present what we have accomplished and make it available to you. By demonstrating the deliverables of every sprint, we can follow your lead: either we take a pause and make it better, or we move forward to the next sprint.

Your company’s team will have the opportunity to learn the platform and complete configuration tasks, as well as populate the system with your desired content. This phase also includes your team testing key pathways and performing system testing in order to pinpoint issues or potential problems so that we can fix them before launch.

We will work closely with you to check off each item on the launch checklist, and continue working with you during the stabilisation period. When it’s time, we can transition into the final and indefinite phase of website maintenance.

Step By Step

Website Maintenance

We compile insights based on analysing data, user testing, and more to lay groundwork for general maintenance as well as new features. This groundwork is translated into a backlog for our design and development team, which tackles the backlog in sprints, just like in the initial development phase.

eCommerce best-practice consistently evolves and shifts. Our team will deliver in line with any evolution or shift, keeping you on the cutting edge.

Square believes in small, frequent releases that take no more than a sprint or two. It’s proven to be the most effective course of action.

Before launch, your team tests, and we fix potential problems. After we launch, we go right back to website maintenance, starting with Review & Plan.

We have you covered on everything from infrastructure maintenance to service level agreements and beyond, day and night.

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